11 (she said i love you and i said)

she said i love you and i said
i love you
and the i love you flowed thick
and fast between
the two of us

the always-saying of the i
love you becomes a thing –
a habit or a tic

i will not say i
love you i will not say i love
you i will say something new:

(sitting on the sofa, watching tv)
your (i) presence makes me (love) feel safe (you)
(when i cried and she held me and
let me cry) you are (my love) my comforter (you)
(i leave for work)
i hope you (i) will always (love you) be here

when i say i love you, i don’t know what i mean.
i don’t know who love is, or where she lives.
i change every day, and am renewed
but our love is a constant
because it is made of a thousand little
i love you


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