7 (i tried to remember)


I tried to remember

there’s very little there

the past, I mean

it’s exactly that

the path is overgrown the roots

jut out and the clearing


I lose the trail, the scent, the

sense that I’m really looking at me

re membered,

limbs pulled from memory

underneath the darkest trees

They have been themselves forever

while the blink of I

is briefer

maybe just now

maybe just


looking upward the trees are bigger than memory
14 men can’t wrap their arms around
and the vines thick enough to
swing into the creek

I close my eyes and lay back in the water
where I was baptised
and a trick of the camera was
the Holy Spirit.

I flow with the water, under the bridge
made of a tree bigger than memory
where they’d slap the water like drums
leap like thought

I can pull back ferns that close in my hand, but
cannot find the clearing among
trees bigger than memory
where we built a fortress of branches and leaves

I broke the ligaments in my ankle
I can’t walk that far anymore


By the lamplight
the words are dim
I squint, & am quiet

Another world, always other worlds
where Frank & Jeff find clues.

This mystery is mine, & I seem full of untouchable
unreadable, unknowable facts
They bubble up, divorced from the now
a story told

a fellowship, a chronicle

Fiction and I are intertwined
my history seems fainter
than the typeset


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