6 (i take my pain)

i take my pain
      like an alchemist
  through fire
                   my intense
            my wordless choke
 my dark ne s sun derthehouse

  like an alche mist
     i take the lead enheart
& the pouring ink
     crafting coins
 to pay the ferryman

    crossing the styx to
              the otherside
   costs only a memory
              a tear
              a frightened
     transmutable me



5 (when we kissing i feel)

when we kissing i feel all the me that i ever am welled up in my throats, spilt over my jawline

and all the me that can never been pulled back my hair and screamings: you were more now than i expected

who knew that you was a part of my me who knew that you could tell me something about a me that was notknown until you

i must have known something when i met you that first day when you were young and i didn’t even notice and still somehow convincing you to stay.