4 (she spins in moonlight)


she spins in moonlight,
in and out of moonbeams,
some madly-grinned whirlwind,
she spins faster.


the axis,
the crux of everything.
somehow, the crucible.

while she turns,
drawn-out light-threads,
halo her head.
stars fall to the earth.


she stopped,
felled,             heaped
onthefloor, a s k e w:
an after-show marionette,
st. elmo in her eyes.

and I wondered what direction the earth spins
and what orbit the planets follow
and which way the sun turns.

she was probably the nexus,
the alignment,
somehow the orbit of humankind


around the pull of nothingness
and hot the heat of living


3 (bridges and)

bridges and
poohsticks and autumn leaves
and you float away into
the years that have gone by
between you          me and
w h e n w e w e r e o n e

1 (that was something right)

that was something right
and i kissed him and remembered
about the way the trees reach
to stroke the creek around
my parent’s old house.

i used to want the bigdream,
to follow a golden thread
out the maze and past the shadows.

god died when i was young,
while i sat in the bathroom and cried;
i lost my closest friend and earliest memory.

(the is nothere full-answer confusion to)

i said i didn’t understand anything.
life just happened and meaning didn’t
i mean i didn’t mean maybe i’m not

and he said never to untie the knots.
maybe be lost it’s fine if you
want meaning remember the willows.

that was something, right?